Hello! here is a little bit about my roots, my background, my training and my goals…..so that you can get a feel of who you will be meeting in your session. Whether on-line, over the phone or in person, I bring all my experience and potential to be at your service.

Born on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza to German/Canadian parents, I was brought up in both Ontario and Ibiza. I can thank my culturally rich education, fluency in English, Spanish and German, and a very early awakening to a sense of the divine, for giving me a marvelous base to draw upon throughout my training and work.

I am the mother of three grown daughters and have three beautiful grandchildren. Due to family circumstances I played a partial role in bringing up my own siblings…parenting has always been a large part of my life! The joys and tribulations of those dedicated years have brought solid experience and a deep wish to share all I know with other parents, children and siblings……family truly is the basis of our society!

My spiritual training with Ria Panen at the Sa’Sen Yin School for Therapists gave the structure, focus and tools to put all this amazing experience to use. Ria is a spiritual teacher. The essence of her work is to help people find their way to a profound state of love, consciousness and self-reliance. She makes it her major task to show people the path to their inner Selves, so they can live their full potential. The emphasis is on whole(holistic) health. Those who seek her guidance learn to heal their inner selves and be of service to others.


Therapy for all family members, individual and in group

Awareness training for Parents

Healing of our past relationships/experiences within the family

And I feel an even stronger overriding dedication to each and every one of us as members of the larger Family….the Family of Humanity.

To make my service versatile and effective, I immersed myself in training in Reintegration Massage; Etheric Osteopathy; Working with children, pregnant mothers, new-borns; Homeopathy; Child Spiritual Development; Akashic Record Reading

After working for over 20 years with families and individuals in Spain and Canada, I have recently founded the Family Evolution Centre, based on the island of Ibiza. Here I hold a space of safety, enormous love and acceptance, and growth for ANY and ALL family situations. A place to be SEEN for who you truly are.

The Family Evolution Centre is about each and every one of us. We are all coming from a family, or a non-family as the case may be. Whatever our experience, we are conditioned by our upbringing. My aim is always to give that upbringing its due respect, and then to see how one can evolve further. This potential for growth is the essence of any “problem” that one may be experiencing…. a session with me will quickly make this growth accessible. For the choice of your individualized session, please go to the main page!

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