Loss and grief are one of our most profound experiences. We must be able to mourn our loss, and we hope to be able to resume and remake our life eventually. Yet we will never be the same as we were before, and sometimes it feels like we haven’t been able to actually heal from what happened. This is where it can be helpful to receive support, counselling and homeopathic help. The healing happens when we realize that what the grief has done to us can be made into a useful part of our self.

Each person’s grief is unique and incredibly important to their life’s path. There is no such thing as “getting used to it”…… some people heal and grow from it on their own terms. Others cannot find their way out of it…… the most they can become numb to it or suppress it, in order to carry on with daily life. In the long run though the depth and strength of the emotion will take its toll on thier moods, health and energy levels.

Sometimes one may not even be aware that ones lack of enthousiasm for life or recurring physical symptoms stem from a long-ago unhealed grief……

I offer profound and practical help for anybody dealing with loss.

Loss can encompass many things, and I put no measure on which grief is more worthy of deepest compassion and care.

Of course the most poignant and uncompromising loss is the death of a loved one, and I recommend swift treatment after the loss, in order to avoid the onset of depression or illness.

Yet there are other losses that can cause deep and long-lasting grief:

  • Divorce/Separation of a couple
  • Separation of parents causing great grief in childBeing betrayed by one’s partner
  • Moving house or country as a child
  • The death of a much loved pet
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of virginity (both male and female)
  • A sudden heightened awareness of reality (often experienced by teens….the world is suddenly seen in all its ugly truth)
  • Health issues that change ones physical capacities (eg. debilitating chronic illnes, accidents, loss of limb….)

……….and more…..

As you see, grief touches us all at some point in our lives. If you feel that you are still struggling with it, whether from a very recent loss, or one in the distant past, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help…….. I can offer help to move forwards.

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