Classical Homeopathy with the added insight of one’s life dilemma of the moment. Ideal for Children, who are in constant growth and development….homeopathy helps pave their way gently and respectfully, often with astonishing results. Excellent for adults too who are looking for an alternative approach.

Homeopathy is a holistic, natural system of healing that is safe and effective. It is widely used throughout the world as an alternative to conventional medicine, with consistent success. Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances found in plants, animals and minerals. These are diluted until nothing physical of the original substance remains in the medicine, yet it’s healing properties are still active. These healing properties will stimulate the body’s auto-immune system and awaken the person’s ability to heal from within.

Homeopathy works on the principal that “like heals like”. In other words, a substance that can produce a certain symptom, when diluted homeopathically and administered correctly, will cure by addressing these same symptoms, thus awakening the body’s auto-immune system and triggering a healing response. Symptoms are seen as defenses created by the person to deal with infection and stress. They can show up on the physical, emotional and mental level; all these are taken into account when making a homeopathic diagnosis.

Homeopathy is gentle and respectful to the person as a whole. It works on the premise that all disease is an expression of an imbalance within the person on any or all levels. So symptoms are not suppressed, because that does not remove the underlying cause. Each person’s experience of discomfort is honoured and considered as an indicator of how we can help. The homeopath will select the remedy based on a person’s unique combination of symptoms, challenges in life, emotional/mental states and medical history.

Homeopathy does not create side effects or addiction, it is natural and and can produce long-lasting cure for many chronic and acute illnesses.

Homeopathy addresses the mental and emotional state of the person as well as the physical…..often one’s inner suffering is not seen and heard by conventional doctors.

Homeopathy is affordable and accessible.

Sharon offers a unique combination of her homeopathic training and her own healing abilities. In the same session she will help the client see clearly the root cause of any ailment as well as prescribing the indicated remedy. This gives the healing process an additional boost as the client becomes aware of how he/she arrived to this point, and how to move out of it. The additional awareness increases greatly a person’s self-healing and gives back autonomy. In this way, Sharon facilitates a person’s greater potential, and allows any illness or discomfort to become an integral part of the life journey, a step to be guided through and learned from constructively.

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