This is a special service for businesses. It involves trouble shooting problems within the workforce, between employers/employees, or between business partners. I can work with any kind of business, small or large; the issue is seldom a matter of what the business is. It can be a partnership of two people, it can be a family business, it can be a large corporate body…..the essence of what makes a healthy workplace relationship remains the same.

Clear communication, correct use of hierarchy and structure, decision making, balancing personal needs with company needs….these are a few of the areas that I observe are often needing to be addressed.
Sometimes what is really needed is a session only with the employer…..being the boss can be isolating and lonely. Few employees really understand the pressures and burdens the employer must carry, and s/he often has nowhere to share them with. And bringing them home to the family can be disruptive and painful. I offer a space for employers to “clear the decks”, so to speak…..I myself have been in that position for an extended period of my life, before changing careers.

Other times, a company meeting is needed, to air differences and make real changes.
I take a structured, focused approach….this is about business and requires clear negotiation between all parties involved. At the same time I take into account the human side of a business…..each person needs to feel acknowledged and rewarded for their skills and input. I will preside in a meeting or meetings where the “problem” issue is brought to the table on neutral ground, using my ability to be totally impartial yet highly perceptive and extremely clear spoken. This way no detail goes unaddressed, and no person feels unrepresented.

Firstly, each person or representative of a group is given equal space to express their viewpoint and needs, without interruption or opinions. After, if needed, I will mirror back what has been said in a way that removes all emotional impact. I will highlight the real essence of what the matter is at hand. Surprisingly for many people, what they thought was the problem actually has a deeper root. Once the core is brought to light, we address it as highest priority. It could be a small structural problem, it could be an attitude that needs to be changed, it could be a misunderstanding. It could be a fear of rocking the boat, when actually that is just what needs to happen…but in a controlled and confident way!

Then we lay the negotiations on the table…..what needs to change, what concessions each is willing to make, what things are non-negotiable. No meeting is left in mid-air…we always make sure to round off the core point satisfactorily.

The all-round process of creating a really harmonius workplace may take more than one meeting, but in my experience already one meeting brings a lot of relief to a tense situation. The workplace often brings out the best and the worst in us….it is here where we are under pressure and need to perform our best, yet here we also meet our limitations, both physical and mental. I find it very important that the workplace is satisfying for all involved……one sees the results immediately.

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