I am Sharon Loerzer and I am a certified Sa’Sen Yin Therapist trained in Deep Tissue Energy Work, Etheric Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Couples Counselling, Parenting, Family Therapy and Child Development Support.



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Therapies that could help you

Etheric Osteopathy

The Sa’Sen Yin Method helps the client to discover the cause of his ailment(s). By treating the cause simultaneously with the symptoms an immediate as well as a long-term improvement is created. The client is helped to realise his potential to self-heal and take responsibility over his own life and well-being.

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Classical Homeopathy with the added insight of one’s life dilemma of the moment. Ideal for Children, who are in constant growth and development….homeopathy helps pave their way gently and respectfully, often with astonishing results. Excellent for adults too who are looking for an alternative approach.

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Couples Counselling

In all relationships one brings one’s own issue, which are then expressed in the dynamic of the relationship. Sharon helps to see this clearly, so that what often looks like an impasse is actually where one can grow and move into deeper respect and love for one another.

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Family Therapy

I help with rebalancing, restructuring and healing this intricate dynamic so that everybody feels seen and respected and loved with equality. Simple and practical solutions are the key!


Parenting for children of all ages

I have developed a course for parents that swiftly clears conditioning and habits developed during the course of one’s life, that are getting in the way of parenting how one REALLY wants to. Communication, perception, discipline all improve as one moved through this 8 week process.

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Child Development Support

Individual Sessions based on the premises taught in the Parenting Course ; I help you as a parent to see exactly what is going on with your child at any given moment, on all levels…..physical, emotional and spiritual.


Grief and Healing

Loss and grief are one of our most profound experiences. We must be able to mourn our loss, and we hope to be able to resume and remake our life eventually. Yet we will never be the same as we were before, and sometimes it feels like we haven’t been able to actually heal from what happened.

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Workplace counselling

This is a special service for businesses. It involves trouble shooting problems within the workforce, between employers/employees, or between business partners. I can work with any kind of business, small or large; the issue is seldom a matter of what the business is. It can be a partnership of two people, it can be a family business, it can be a large corporate body…..the essence of what makes a healthy workplace relationship remains the same.

Clear communication, correct use of hierarchy and structure, decision making, balancing personal needs with company needs….these are a few of the areas that I observe are often needing to be addressed.

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Some lovely people I am proud to have helped

  • Sharon has a really special, refreshing way of helping you to see and learn new skills to deal with things as a parent! Turning around issues or situations by opening YOUR eyes and consciousness to what is really going on. She’s amazing!


  • Working with Sharon Loerzer has been a revelation and a life changing experience. She has a unique gift for guiding and accompanying her clients in their journey, offering just the right tools along the way. She is a true professional with an open mind and a very warm heart and I highly recommend her.

    H.G - Ibiza

  • I have had about five sessions with Sharon over the last five years and also attended one of her workshops. All were excellent and their lessons stay with me to this day. Each one-on-one session has been rich, bringing insight and a renewed approach to life. I’ve rarely encountered such unconditional presence, intuitive clarity and genuine care. She is one of the deepest companions I’ve had on my journey to wholeness.

    S.K - Ibiza

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