The premise of my work is that you are a good parent…….otherwise you wouldn’t be here!! Your looking for guidance shows your readiness to make new steps, steps that are guaranteed to change your outlook on child raising and reassure you on your way. Your search for bettering your approach, or dealing with a difficult phase, or curiosity about spiritual aspects of parenting will be answered here.

While working with children and parents for over 20 years, I have come to see common factors in parenting that when addressed, lead to speedy and often surprising improvements and when ignored, can lead to problems.

Based on addressing these very fundamental issues with ease and grace, all the parenting workshops and seminars are about becoming happier with one’s choices as parents. Consequently one rediscovers the freedom of making new choices no matter what one’s previous conditioning is. I helps each parent find her/his own truth about parenting, encouraging independence and creativity, as there are as many ways to be a father or mother as there are fathers and mothers.


As our children are constantly changing and developing, we also have to constantly adjust our tactics and perception.

The secret lies in knowing when to change, and what it is we can change ……..this seems quite simple, but it is often not as easy as we think.

In this course we learn to recognize exactly what is key to our child’s well-being at any given moment. You are given the perspective and the tools to see these crucial moments, you will learn to pinpoint the core issue of any situation or problem, gaining in this way more autonomy as a parent.

High priority is given to teaching you to perceive the spiritual intent of your child in any given situstion. This is a teaching that is not commonly found in parenting guidance and counselling, yet through many years (over 20) of working with families, Sharon has come to give this aspect its deserved place in child rearing.

Every family is different, and for this reason you will not be learning general rules, because they don’t always apply to everybody. Rather, you will be learning skills and techniques that you can use in a personal way with each child individually, depending on the situation.

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This is a special course, great fun and highly recommended!

Here you will get to talk openly about all the wonderful gifts and insights that you notice your amazing child shows with such ease. You will be able to put them into the larger context of your child’s world perception, his/her spiritual state and potential, and your role as mentor.

You will practice how to hold a safe and stimulating space for your child’s clairvoyant abilities….this is essential for his/her wellbeing, now and in the future as an adult. We are all born seeing, yet we lose our natural abilities through suppression and underuse…….my aim here is to give this young generation a head start by keeping their clairvoyance intact!!!

And this means getting you guys on board consciously.

Teenager time is special, for the teen and for the parent. It only happens once— how we deal with it makes a big difference to our child’s life, in the future as well as now. We take an in-depth look at themes like:
– the natural process your teen is experiencing; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual

– what is inevitable and what can be avoided

– how to maintain the lines of communication open

– making space without making an alien

– how to maintain one’s integrity (sanity!)

– dealing with anger and guilt feelings

– the possible dangers; school problems, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol..

The aim of this workshop is to give you the strength of insight to meet the challenges of this very complex period in your child’s and your own life, without losing your sense of humour! We’ve all been through it, for better or for worse, and we all hope for our own children it will be for the better!

The challenges of single parenthood are hard to understand unless one is living it oneself.

There is a very big difference between bringing up children on one’s own and sharing the whole process with a steady partner. Sharon has done both, 16 years with a partner and 11 years without. This workshop comes out of personal experience and much work with clients over the years. One of the common threads has clearly been a strong feeling of loneliness. Here we wish to show you that although a single parent, you are not alone!

This is for any parent who does not live with the father or mother of their child, regardless of who has custody, or if the other parent is not present at all.

You are guided with care to find a feeling of wholeness in your family, whatever your circumstances.

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To literally “step” into a ready-made family is an enormous challenge, and I would say worthy of respect for the sheer courage it takes.

This workshop is about encouragement and speeding up the learning process, synchronizing your stepchild’s needs with your own, recognizing how to keep priorities clear in a firm and loving way.

It’s often difficult for the rest of the family to integrate the new partner in such basic issues as authority, timetables, household habits, space etc. This workshop gives help and guidelines for all members of the family to make this integration as smooth as possible.

A workshop of sharing and strengthening, and of course of celebrating your coming child!

In a fun and loving way, we will do inner work that will enhance

– trusting yourself, your body and the birth process

– the richness of your relationship with your baby

– listening to your baby

– recognizing your fears, finding their root, and releasing them

This workshop of inner preparation goes well with conventional or alternative physical preparation, bringing peace and confidence. You can have a beautiful and unforgettable birth, giving you and your child a happy start.

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