Sharon offers her years of experience as a mother and grandmother, as well as a dedicated family therapist, to guide you in your parenting with kindness and compassion. Parenting by definition always means entering new territory, as we are guiding unique individuals through formative years of their lives. This responsibility is often felt as overwhelming and challenging. Sharon helps to create a structured and reliable framework for yourself, as well as for your children.

In this safe environment, you as parents and your children can be free to really be yourselves. At the same time Sharon addresses the important shifts you can make, in order to learn and teach the skills for living together peacefully.

In addition to private therapy, Sharon has developed the Peaceful and Powerful Parenting Course, based on common factors she has seen recurringly over years of practice. 

She highly recommends doing this course as a transformational path to gain more confidence and update old habits. You will be held and guided during this process to become the parent you truly want to be.

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