Peaceful and Powerful Parenting

Peaceful and Powerful Parenting

For parents of children of all ages

The Peaceful and Powerful Parenting Course is a unique and practical training that leads to seeing your child with your inner sight, clearing past patterns and conditioning and awakening your personal inner strengths.
This process gives the opportunity to free yourself of doubt and self-questioning. You gain a solid sense of autonomy and an ability to see yourself and your family impartially, thus finding new and workable answers for many situations and repeating patterns, in order to transform your parenting into your own best version.

Your relationship with your children becomes clearer and lighter, and in the process seemingly stuck issues get resolved of their own accord.

Through this course, you will find:

  • Improved communication, verbal and non-verbal
  • Clarity, honesty and trust
  • Self-worth, both of children and parents
  • Gaining firm and loving authority/autonomy
  • Discipline without fear; consequences, coherency, effectiveness
  • Clearing inherited patterns and conditioning, to make way for a version of your parenting more true to YOU

We will be using your home situations as material for your transformation, so every step is practical and anchored in reality.

Our journey as parents is ongoing, through to our children’s adulthood. This course has been created to provide you with a solid base for now and the future.