Grief and Healing

Loss and grief are one of our most profound experiences. We must be able to mourn our loss, and we hope to be able to resume and remake our life eventually. Yet we will never be the same as we were before. This is where it can be helpful to receive support, counselling and homeopathic help.
Each person’s grief is unique and incredibly important to their life’s path. There is no such thing as “getting used to it”. Each person heals and grows from it on their own terms. During the mourning period, the depth and strength of emotion can take its toll on ones moods, health and energy levels.
Loss can encompass many things, there is no measure to which grief is more worthy of deepest compassion and care.

Of course the most poignant and uncompromising loss is the death of a loved one, yet there are other losses that can cause deep and long-lasting grief:

  • Divorce/Separation of a couple
  • Separation of parents causing grief in the child
  • Being betrayed by the partner
  • Moving house or country
  • The death of a much loved pet
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of virginity (both male and female)
  • A sudden heightened awareness of reality (often experienced by teens and people in personal development)
  • Health issues that change ones physical capacities (eg. debilitating chronic illnes, accidents, loss of limb, etc.)

Reaching out for help is in itself an accomplishment and a huge step towards healing.

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