Womanhood after Childbirth

A seminar to come back home to your Self after the intensity of childbirth and infant care.

For all mothers, no matter how long ago you gave birth.

Giving birth is a major event in our life as a woman. There is a definite before and after. By the nature of being a mother, we have very little time and space to nurture ourselves. In this seminar you will recuperate parts of your Self that you might not even have been aware of before. In this way, you use the birth as a powerful catalyst for growth and more personal joy in being You.

This is a wonderful opportunity for any mother to blossom in her womanhood. It can also be particularly helpful, in cases of:

  • traumatic birth experiences
  • post partum depression
  • chronic exhaustion
  • reduced interest in intimacy
  • lack of motivation

As this is a reawakening of deeper aspects of ourselves, it doesn’t matter if it was many years ago, that your child was born.