Sharon Loerzer

Sharon Loerzer is a certified Sa’Sen Yin Therapist, family counsellor, couple’s therapist and business team advisor.

The Sa’Sen Yin School for Therapists is founded and run by Ria Panen Godesberg, based in the Eifel, Germany. Ria is unwaveringly dedicated to help people find a profound state of Love, Consciousness and Clarity and to show people the way to their inner Being. All therapists trained and approved by Ria are on this path, personally as well as professionally.

Sharon is dedicated to the well-being of our most basic component of society and business: the family. Regardless of the form or dynamic of any family, whether biological, chosen, or team-based, we can attain balance and support within, for each family member.

Sharon offers growth and guidance with courses, programmes and one-on-one sessions for children, adolescents, parents, individuals and businesses. She has 30 years of experience working in Vancouver, London, Ibiza Spain, and reaching a wide audience online.

She is an enthousiastic parent and grandparent, with 3 adult daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Her years of clinical practice have given her expertise in the areas of conscious parenting, child development, couples communication, working parents, blended families, separation and divorce and co-parenting.

Her support for businesses includes programmes for: internal communications, creating safe environments for team diversity, and healthy hierarchy.

Through her background of intensive training at the Sa’Sen Yin School for Therapists, she has an acute ability for diagnosis and understanding the causes of any situation, pattern or ailment. The client is encouraged to recognise his/her potential to self heal and self regulate, so that the new solutions are satisfying on all levels. She offers the optional support of Bach Remedies and Homeopathic recommendations.

Sa’Sen Yin

The Family Evolution Center has evolved through Sharon’s life and training in the Sa’Sen Yin way.

The Sa’Sen Yin way is embodied and taught by Ria Panen Godesberg. Ria is a spiritual master, and she has brought her gift to the world and humanity in the form of her Presence, which changes and charges her surroundings with Light and Love, both where she is physically, and beyond. The essence of her work is to help people to find to a profound state of Love, Consciousness and Clarity, and to show people the way to their inner Being, so that they bit by bit, will be able to live their full potential. This brings them further to well-being, autonomy and self-healing, which in turn serves for our greater good.

Ria is the founder and  creator of the Sa’Sen Yin non-methodic therapy method. It is non-methodic because it embraces the individuality of each human being and encourages each person to develop their very specific potential. At her Sa’Sen Yin School, Ria gives training for people who sincerely wish to be of service to humanity, firstly by evolving themselves through a strong self development, and then by putting what they have learned into practice in their own lives and professions. Her profound and life-changing training through The Course prepares the way for those who wish to develop themselves further as Sa’Sen Yin therapists.

Ria is a constant loving guide and support for her students and practitioners. Through her unwavering truthfulness and dedication to Love, expressed through responsible action, she holds her students in lovingness and accountability for their personal contribution to humanity in each moment. The Sa’Sen Yin way is non-methodical, yet it provides a steadfast framework for always doing the best we can to contribute lovingly to our world.
Formerly based in Ibiza, Spain, Ria now resides and teaches in the Eifel, Germany.

For more information about Sa’Sen Yin please visit: www.sasenyin.eu

The Center

The Family Evolution Center was born in 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has gone through many versions since then. What has remained constant, has been Sharon’s dedication to the Sa’Sen Yin way. This is the path of Love, which helps people to recognise the best in themselves by activating their self healing and sense of autonomy.

Currently, The Family Evolution Center resides in Ibiza, Spain. We have a peaceful and welcoming space which offers safety, privacy, respect and warmth. We hold seminars and workshops in the light and airy meeting area, the private consultations are held in the comforting and discrete session room.

Located near the town of Santa Eulalia del Rio, we are easy to find, have free parking and good access for wheelchairs and baby buggies. All family members are welcome!!

The Ibiza Team

The Family Evolution Center wouldn’t be the same without its much loved and appreciated family members! Each Team member works on a different area, depth and level and sometimes even in different places – yet what unites all of us is the bigger picture: A full-hearted dedication to the human evolution, in our case, following the guidelines of the Sa’Sen Yin training.

  • Olivia Gajetzki

    Personal Assistant, Actress, Musician, Coach
    As of January 2022, Olivia is Sharon's right hand and social media manager at the Family Evolution Center, supporting Sharon and the clients to stay happy, healthy and organised!

    She is also dedicating herself to her expanding acting career and performing with her band Maktub while working as an acting coach, offering workshops for children and adults.

    Languages: DE / EN / ES
    [email protected]
    +34 656 676 351
  • Maren Ahlers

    Sa'Sen Yin counsellor and Reintegration Massage
    Maren has always had a natural interest in people from a holistic perspective. In her work as a Sa'Sen Yin counsellor and therapist, her talents and gifts can fully unfold and be made available to people. She studied holistic natural Medicine from 2013 to 2016. Since 2018 she is practicing as a Sa’Sen Yin Therapist on Ibiza, and works as a practionioner of the Reintegration Massage, a full body treatment that uncovers, resolves and reintegrates deep blockages physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Languages: DE / EN
  • Giulia Campinoti

    Sa'Sen Yin coach and therapist
    Specialized in the observation of body movements and the signs of the body, Giulia practices reintegration massage, etheric osteopathy and IDOL therapy . Her treatments can help you to overcome your emotional and physical blockages from their causes to allow you to go on in your life, be healthy and aligned to yourself.

    Languages: IT / EN / ES
    [email protected]
    +34 646 78 85 72
  • Ana Garrigós Sistaré

    Sa'Sen Yin Consultant & Coach
    Practitioner of Reintegration Massage, Family Constellations, Kinesiology and Biological Deprogramming. As a specialist in bodywork since 2008, Ana also teaches dance and pilates. Female empowerment through dance. Postgraduate in Dance-Movement Therapy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Master in Personal Development and Team Leadership. Degree in Techniques and Market Research.

    Languages: EN / ES
    [email protected]
    +34 619747018