Your Child’s Clairvoyance

We are all born seeing, yet we lose our natural abilities through suppression and under use. The clarity of a child’s perspective is often brushed away as fantasy or insubordination. Through lack of acknowledgement, a child will often stop trusting what they are perceiving, leading to lack of self confidence, reduced creativity or rebellion. Our aim here is to give the young generation a head start by keeping their clairvoyance intact.

This is a special course, great fun and highly recommended. It will help you to become more comfortable with what you are calling your intuition, and to be less cautious about being ´seen´ by your child.

You will practice how to hold a safe and stimulating space for your child’s keen observations. This is essential for his/her well-being, now and in the future as an adult.

You will be able to put them into the larger context of your child’s world perception, his/her spiritual state and potential, and your role as a guide and mentor.

We have all been children, so this workshop opens space for the whole family to regain confidence in their deeper clarity and truths.