Divorce and Separation

By separating you are entering a very new phase of your life. This can be both exciting and / or overwhelming. Sharon’s aim is to help you to separate with grace and respect.

Very often, when a couple is in the process of separation, there has been a period of conflict and / or suffering. This creates a strong bond of shared pain patterns, which may fixate on the other party as the cause. These patterns will want to surface and repeat themselves during and after the separation process.

Through your work with Sharon, you will be able to disentangle confusing and paralizing patterns and release yourselves into an honest and powerful start to this new phase in your lives.

If there are children, often they and the issues surrounding child care can become the shared platform for renewing feelings of anger, hurt and power play. In our work together, we take great care to ensure that from now on, you and your children are free of this burden.

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