Honouring Step-Parents

To literally “step” into a ready-made family is an enormous challenge, and worthy of respect for the sheer courage it takes.
This workshop is about encouragement, synchronizing your needs with the family and recognizing how to keep priorities clear in a firm and loving way.
It is often difficult for the rest of the family and the step partner to integrate such basic issues as authority, timetables, household habits, space, etc. This workshop gives help and guidelines to make this integration as smooth as possible. Overtime, initial resistances can become issues and we want to clear the way for this relationship to be as dynamic and positive as possible.

We will be working on the core themes of:

  • The triangle of partnership / children
  • Authentic communication
  • Balancing discretion with solid presence
  • Holding authority
  • Finding tolerance and kindness in the most challenging moments
  • Personal space