Single Parenting

The challenges of single parenthood are hard to understand unless one is experiencing it.
There is a very big difference between bringing up children on one’s own and sharing the whole process with a steady partner. Sharon has done both, so this workshop comes out of personal experience and much work with clients over the years.

Common threads are strong feelings of loneliness, and of being overwhelmed. Here we wish to show you that although a single parent, you are not alone!

In the workshop we will address themes such as:

  • Holding structure, authority and constancy
  • Clear priorities, including self care
  • The urge to compensate, feel guilt or remorse
  • Balancing different parenting methods and ethics between two households
  • Ensuring a sense of safety and well-being for your children

This is for parents who do not live with the father or mother of their child, regardless of who has the custody. You are guided with care to find a feeling of wholeness in your family, in any circumstances.